Wood Shavings are Essential in Poultry Deep Litter…..BUT

Wood shavings are essential in deep litter system of management; it is however important we note the following:

  1. Wood shavings is preferable and not sawdust
  2. Saw dust are finer and often cause respiratory problems
  3. Wood shavings are best not introduced before 4 – 6 weeks of brooding
  4. Newly hatch will often eat the shavings which can harm / kill the bird(s)
  5. When wood shaving is wet, it releases certain chemicals which are detrimental to the chicken if they eat it.
  6. Wood shavings carry certain fungi and mould which create problems for the chicks. It is a source of Aspergillosis in chicken.
  7. Wood shavings should be treated with formaldehyde before being used in pen houses.

It is noteworthy that diseases like Coccidiosis, E. coli e.t.c are picked from the litter; it is therefore advisable a farmer rears in cages.

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